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11th Dec 2018

10 genius Elf On The Shelf ideas that are perfect for when you just want to get to bed

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Trine Jensen-Burke

We are almost two weeks into December, guys.

And for those of us with an elf in residence, what this means is, that by now, you have (probably) already forgotten to move him at least twice, and fantasized about tossing him into the fireplace a couple of times as well. (You know, those nights when your head finally hits the pillow and you suddenly remember the bloody elf is still sitting where you left him two nights ago…)

Anyway, we feel you – in fact, we are right there with you.

And to help us all out (not long left to go!), we have rounded up 10 easy peasy elf ideas from Pinterest – for those nights when you really just want to get to bed.

1. Hiding Under A Glass


(pinned by Erin Lolcat) / Via Lemons and Laughs

2. Making Elf Milk


(pinned by Jessica Dunne) / Via Poofy Cheeks

3. Having A Sleepover


(pinned by Mums Grapevine)

4. Stealing Some Sweets


(pinned by Erin Fisher) / Via Efficient Life Skills

5. Helping Write The Shopping List


(pinned by FrugalCouponLiving)

6. Helping Himself To Some Cereal


(pinned by Netmums)

7. Taking A Marshmallow Bubble Bath


(pinned by Rachel S) / Via Scholastic

8. Sleigh Ride


(pinned by FunMoneyMom)

9. Banana Art

Elf on the Shelf

Or; for one you are really fed up…

10. Uh-oh, Elf