10 Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Super-Mum 7 years ago

10 Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Super-Mum

Mums are super-human.

They are always 'on', aren't they? Ready to help with whatever you need, whether relationship advice, Sunday roast recipes or just a much needed hug. I mean; where would we be without our mums?!

In fact, here are ten ways mums ROCK that I am pretty sure we all can relate to:

1. She always knows when something is wrong (even when it's not even full-on wrong, just a little 'not quite right')

– and how to fix it.


2. Even when you're lying.

– Like; don't even try, mums have built-in lie-detectors. And eyes at the back of the head.



3. She has all the answers

– Mums actually know EVERYTHING. It's amazing. And also a little creepy.


4. She can do seventeen things at once

– And still get the dinner on the table.


5. She always got your back

– No matter what dumb thing you have done to need your back covered.



6. Only when you move out will you realize how much she did every day

– And how socks don't just make their own way to the laundry basket.


7. She can always hear you

– Even when you don't want her to.


8. She can set your straight


– Sometimes with a look alone, no words needed.


9. She is the only one you want when you are sick

– Mums are practically nurses – it's a job requirement.


10. She is your best friend in the whole world

– And your tutor, mentor, biggest fan, inspiration, favourite chef and all-around can-live-without person.


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