10 ways my 5-year-old daughter completely out-adults me 2 days ago

10 ways my 5-year-old daughter completely out-adults me

A recent survey showed that age 5 is the absolutely most lovable age for a kid to be.

I know, I know - every age is lovable, and I don’t want any of them to end. (Cue wept into 2-year-olds worn-out pyjama-bottoms last night as I folded them into the "too small" pile...).

But according to Babble readers, age 5 is when we find our children the absolute most adorable (almost weeps again as it dawns on me that 5-year-old will turn 6 in just three short months...).

There is in fact a lot of truth in it. Much as I found my little girl both gorgeous, sweet and oh-so funny at 2, 3 and 4; 5 is just proving itself to be utterly amazing.

Here are 10 ways my (AMAZING) 5-year-old just blows me away (and makes me worry that she is, in fact, getting smarter than me with every day that goes by!):

Naughty little sisters

1. She keeps calm when I am having a meltdown

When 2-year-old smears almond butter all over the sofa cushion, and I am literally hyperventilating while Googling through tears "how to almond butter out of fabric" - my clever 5-year-old goes: "We need to get some baby wipes - or turn the cushion around." My. God. Turn the cushion around. And so we did.


2. She finds the car

My sense of direction is rather embarrassing. So much so that I am now almost afraid to go into large car-parks without my 5-year-old with me, as the last time I did, it took me 40 minutes (and a lot of stairs and lifts) to find the car when I was done.

3. She is better at Netflix

As an online journalist, I like to think I am fairly on the ball when it comes to all things tech (just don't ask me what a cloud is!). But when it comes to searching for things (mainly Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse episodes) on Youtube and Netflix, my 5-year old beats me any day.

4. She has more self-control

My 5-year-old can keep a packet of chocolate buttons sitting in her lap for AGES while she waits for her program (usually something with Barbie) to come on TV on a Saturday evening (which is Treat Day in our house). Then and only then will she peel the packet open and actually eat the thing.

I, on the other hand, have been known to nearly crash the car as I desperately try to remove wrapping from chocolate while also trying to manoeuvre car out from petrol station...


5. She tells better jokes

Seriously. She is WAY funnier than I will ever be.

6. She is content with what is

Kids are amazing in that way that they are totally happy watching the same cartoon or reading the same book over and over (and over) again. Adults (me anyway) have this crazy obsession that old is, well old, and somehow new is better. This goes for a lot of things; iPhones, restaurants, hair colour and so on. But maybe she is right, my little girl. I am going to try to take a note from her book and stop fixing what’s not broken.

7. She has an uncomplicated relationship with food

Have you ever heard a small child be concerned about the calorie content in 10 grapes? Nope. My 5-year-old eats until she is full, then bounces off and doesn't even think about food until she is hungry again, never mind worrying about the protein versus carb ratio in the meal she just ate.


8. She commits fully to what she is doing

Whether she is colouring, building a My Little Pony castle or watching a DVD, my 5-year-old is 100 percent committed to what she is doing at that exact time.

I, on the other hand, am not only the Queen of procrastinating, but I am also terrible for trying to do several things at the same time, like painting my nails while watching TV, FaceTime while I am cooking dinner and reading mummy-blogs while also online banking. Maybe she has the right idea, though, being 100 percent there in the moment before moving on to the next.

9. She never goes to bed angry

I wish I could be as good as my 5-year-old at always kissing and making up the minute an argument ends. She is also much nicer than me in that she never reminds me later of all my failings (something I think us adults could learn a thing or two from!).

10. She can put together a GREAT outfit on no-time

I wish I had my 5-year-olds imagination (and bravado!) when it comes to putting together an outfit on a random Tuesday morning. Tulle tutu paired with glitter leggings and a Disney princess t-shirt? You bet.