17 reasons that being a millennial mum is absolutely amazing 2 years ago

17 reasons that being a millennial mum is absolutely amazing

There is often a lot of moaning about how hectic our lives are, and how much everything costs and how much easier things were back in the day. Admit it, we are all guilty.

But let's all take a moment to appreciate all the little reasons being a mum nowadays is pretty AH-MAZING. (Bet our own mums would have killed for some of these!):

1. (Fancy) Coffee

Now, I know they had coffee in the eighties too, but they did NOT have skinny extra-hot mocha choco lattes. Or proper Italian espresso (preferably served by gorgeous Italian baristas). Or takeaway cappucchinos. Or Nespresso. Just boring old black coffee and milk. Where is the fun (and get-up-and-go!) in that?

2. Pinterest

I mean; COME ON. Where else would you get inspiration for the Woodland-Fairy themed party you are throwing for your 4-year-old's upcoming birthday bash? Or create a whole pin-board of morning smoothie recipes? Or just lust over living room decor ideas? That's right.

3. Facebook groups for mums

This is GOLD to all us mamas. A source of information, important questions answered (like; is it appropriate to wish your kids would go to bed so you can open some wine?), solidarity and don't forget those hysterical being-a-mum memes that always do the rounds. Imagine a world where you did NOT have a Facebook feed to scroll through? No, me neither.

4. The ability to communicate in hashtags


And Emojis. #sotired #needcoffee #toddlertantrums #insertsnoringemoji

5. Yoga pants

The fact that you can now completely get away with wearing workout wear while dashing around to the post-office, your local M&S and doing the school-run is nothing short of amazing. Lululemon has revolutionized mum-uniforms everywhere.

6. Google

Google holds infinite wisdom in its little search box. And how people raised humans pre-Google is baffling to me. Where else would you find answers to all of life's questions, like what colour baby-poop is within the realms of normality? How do you get ketchup out of sofa cushion fabric? And how do you know if red dots on baby's skin is the onset of meningitis (I ALWAYS think everything look like the onset of meningitis!) or just older sibling colouring on baby with marker?


7. iPads

Just imagine a world where you have to take looong car journeys with nothing to entertain the kids apart from cassette tapes. Just IMAGINE...


8. Creative baby names

Back in the day you would have been the village moron if you gave your child a name that no-one had heard of before. And relatives might feel offended if good, solid family names were bypassed for more unique options. Today, however, the world is your oyster when it comes to naming your baby, and inspiration is at your fingertips (see point 6 above.)

9. Mommy blogs

Everyday. Always.

10. Baby foods in handy squeeze-out tubes

So so clever. And less messy than other options.

11. Online grocery shopping

From the sofa. When the kids are in bed. In your jim-jams. Pick the delivery time yourself. Click.


12. Netflix

Just remember this: In the olden days (anytime before the Internet) people had to get up off the sofa, put on proper clothing, walk to the local Xtra-vision, pick a DVD (or; VHS!), hope it was good, walk back home. Only then were they ready to actually sit down and watch it. And if it was bad they just had to keep on watching anyway, because who could be bothered to walk back to the video shop and get another one?!

13. Anything followed by the word "hack"

Life, beauty, cleaning, Ikea, you name it, we #LOVE it!


14. Snooze buttons

Pure genius.

15. Instagram mum-crush-stalking

This one is such a little nugget of gold when it comes to passing time on a commute or while the kids are in school. What are the cool mums up to? Where are they drinking coffee (see point 1 about cute baristas)? What did Jessica Alba do this weekend? Where does Amy Huberman buy baby clothes? The list (and stalking potential) is endless.

16. Nutribullets

Just another gadget we can't live without that our mums never got to know the greatness of. Then again, we all got through childhood without being force-fed kale in liquid form...

17. iPotty

You won't believe it exists, but let me assure you it does. The iPotty, available to purchase through Amazon (where else?!), comes complete with adjustable iPad holder and splash guard. Mind. Blown.