20 pretty hilarious (homemade!) halloween costumes for your kids 5 years ago

20 pretty hilarious (homemade!) halloween costumes for your kids

Looking for slick costumes for the smallies in your life? All you need is a little improvisation and a dose of imagination for a professional look... without having to break the bank.

Oh yes. It's time to get crafty with DIY wool, foam, balloons, sticky tape and face-paint.

1. Mommie's ickle teddy-bear

hall25 Image via ParentMap.com

2. Vintage Mr Clean baby? Anyone?

hall19 Image via MTV.com

3. Mini Ace Ventura Pet detective

hall18 Image via MTV.com

4. Up, up and away. This character Carl from the film 'Up' is adorbs

hall17 Image via MyModernMet.com

5. Edible, in every way

hall15 Image via Pinterest.com

6. Superboy has to be done.

hall28 Image via Pinterest.com

7. Your smurfs dressed as actual Smurfs.

hall8 Image via Etsy.com

8. The Dalai drama

hall5 Image via BoredPanda.com

9. The Benjamin Button 

hall1 Image via CostumeWorks.com

10. The Albert Eins-tiny

hall4 Image via Imgur.com

11. Eager little divers

Image via DelineateYourDwellig.com Image via DelineateYourDwelling.com

12. Baby Frida Kahlo (complete with extra-frightening facial hair)

hall6 Image via OhHappyDay.com

13. Characters from that annoying game that the whole family can laugh about.

hall23 Image via MTV.com

14. Where's Wally will actually stand out a mile

hall22 Image via ParentTrap.com

15. An old classic with a young twist - Super Mario Brothers

hall21 Image via ParentTrap.com

16. So cute it's good enough to eat

hall9 Image via CollegeHumour.com

17. 'Wilson' the ball from Castaway. Cracks. Us. Up.

hall12 Image via Imgur.com

18. Heartbreak Hotel 

hall27 Image via TheLaughingStork.com

19. A whole lot of action, man

hall24 Image via ParentMap.com

20. It's a baby's world