22 of the BEST pieces of parenting advice in 6 words 5 years ago

22 of the BEST pieces of parenting advice in 6 words

A few weeks ago we ran a piece about a brilliant hashtag on the The New York Times blog shouting out to parents to impart #ParentingAdviceinSix. The result? Some of the funniest tweets from parents, that were then judged and bestowed accolades.

Among our many favourites were these beauts: "What doesn't kill you, tries to" and "Get over yourself; they mostly survive!"

So, we posed the question to our readers on Facebook – what's the best piece of advice in six little words – here's what you said:

1. "Stay positive, keep calm, don't over-react."

Lisa Magz (she also added that she might need to take her own advice!).

2. "Do what feels natural... TO YOU."

Tracy Daley

3. "Love each day, they're growing fast."

Clare Eastman


4. "Have fun, the cleaning can wait."

Jenny Matthews Lyons

5. "Take each day as it comes."

Sylvia Maryann

6. "Enjoy it, this too shall pass."

Ita Walsh

7. Nothing will prepare, nothing will compare."

Aoife Curley


8. "You know best, believe in yourself."

Lynn Touhey

9. "Stop being so hard on yourself."

Niamh Alison Casey

10 "It will all be better tomorrow."

Andrina McLeod

11. Trust yourself, all will be fine."

Máire Fay


12. "Fasten seatbelts, it's a rocky ride!"

Caroline O'Hare

13. "After a bad day, there's wine!"

Susan Healy

14. "Make sure they know you're there."

Siddy Cheyenne

15. "Love unconditionaly, laugh, listen, help, encourage."

Lynsey Byrne


16. "Stop reading books, follow baby's lead."

Sarah O'Connor Ryan

17. "Live, laugh, love, kiss, cuddle, dance."

Tracy Newman

18. "Look up, put your phone down."

Amelita Bumanglag Goux

19. "Forget everything you think you know."

Eileen Roddy

20. "Love is all that really matters."

21."Cuddles, snuggles, kisses with no sleep."

22. "Tantrums... not just for the kids."

All Paula English (we couldn't decide).

Which one is your favourite? Got any to add to this list? Share with us: editorial@HerFamily.ie or on twitter, @HerFamilydotie.