3 fun (and relatively mess-free) bath time tricks every parent should be armed with 1 year ago

3 fun (and relatively mess-free) bath time tricks every parent should be armed with

Confession: I LOVE bath time.

Having both my kids contained in one space for up to half an hour at a time? Heaven. I get so much done. No, seriously, I do.  I stay close, of course, but that just gives me a brilliant opportunity to fold laundry, sort washing, do some ironing, clean the mirrors, sort thought my makeup – whatever needs doing in and around the bathroom, really.

Look; I have even been known to bring my laptop in with me to catch up on some deadlines too – far easier to get this done while the kids are safely contained in the bath than when they roam free and are prone to need something from me or shout "maaammma!" every 47 second.

But kids being kids can sometimes play tricks on you, and decide that despite loving their bath a couple of days ago so much they screamed when they had to get out, now suddenly hate the bath and want to get out as soon as they get in. Go figure.

However, armed with these tricks, getting the kids to get into (and stay in) the bath will no longer be a fight (ensuring both clean kids and some time for you to breathe and catch up on stuff):

1. Avoid fighting for space

If you, like me, lump both (or all) of your kids into the same bath, then you might have also experienced the fights that can break out over who is sitting where and how unfair/annoying/ this is.

No more.

All you need is some non-slip decals/bath stickers, and voila – you can now create a zone for each kid in order to keep the peace. Heck; you can even make it into a game, telling them there'll be a prize for the one who manages to get through an entire bath without entering into the other child's zone.


2. Easy entertainment

Kids getting bored of their usual bath toys? No problem, mama. Here is what you do:

Spray some foaming shaving cream into a bowl, grab some brushes and let kids "paint" all over the bath.

Who's bored now?!

3. Frosty fun

Drop coloured ice cubes in the bathtub and watch your toddler chase them around before they melt, dying the water.

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