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25th Sep 2015

5 cool washi tape projects to try this weekend

Trine Jensen-Burke

Are you guys as OBSESSED with washi tape as we are over here at HerFamily HQ?

No, we are not a little late to the table (in case you have been washi-ing for yonks already), but we just continue to be blown away by the seemingly ENDLESS things you can do with these pretty little rolls of rice paper tape. It’s pretty much the stuff dreams are made of if you ask us.

Washi’s possible greatest appeal, though, is its impermanence. It’s easy to remove and reposition, so the design you create today doesn’t have to be the one you use tomorrow. Genius.

So if you are looking for some cool, uncomplicated DIY projects to involve the kids in this weekend, washi is your Best Friend.

Here are five super-cute ways to bring more washi into your life:

1. Jazz up you wooden kitchen utensils

Such an easy way to add a bit of pop and colour to your kitchen. Just wrap the handles with your pick of washi tape and voila; coolest utensils on the block. (Via: Honeywearehome)

Honey We're Home Washi Spatula.98

2. Give your phone a new look

All you need here is some washi tape in your preferred colours, scissors and a white phone cover. Design away. And when you get tired of it, just peel off the tape and start all over again. (Via: Chroniclebooks)


3. Decorate your cords

This one is great if you need to implement some kind of system in all your various wires. (Via: DesignLoveFest)


4. Make cool picture frames

Only your imagination (and wall-space) is stopping you. (Via: 100Layer Cake)


5. Craft your own birthday cards

One of the sweetest ways to use washi tape is to craft up your own birthday cards (or cards for any occasion.) Simply grab some washi tape, plain paper cards and a pair of scissors, then stick to your heart’s content. (Via: Omiyageblogs)