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19th Nov 2018

5 easy ways to make your kids table extra special this Christmas

Keep your smallest guests happy too!

Trine Jensen-Burke

We are mere weeks away from the most important, planned for and anticipated meal of the year.

And in between googling ham recipes and stuffing ideas and making sure you have 12 napkins and wine glasses that match, we think this year it is also worth giving the kids’ table a little spare thought.

Why? Because Christmas is a time for family and celebration – and food and meal times are so very much at the heart of this. This is when you create memories they will (hopefully!) cherish forever, and establish family traditions that will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

Also, in case you are not sold on the kids’ table idea yet, it will also mean that you are far more likely to be able to sit down and enjoy your own meal in a leisurely manner. Which is what we call an absolute win-win.

Here are five ways to take your kids’ table to the next level:

1. Brown Paper + Markers = Kid Friendly Dining

This is possibly the simplest, yet most brilliantly genius idea for your kid table we have ever heard. Just cover your table with brown paper, tape it stuck under the table with masking tape, and voila; done. Put out little containers of new markers, crayons and – if you really want to thrill them – some Christmas-themed stickers.

Have them make their own placemats, draw a Santa, colour in a pattern; it is up to your (and theirs) imagination at this stage.

And the best bit? There is ZERO clean-up involved. Just peel off the masking tape, bundle the whole table cloth up and toss it in the bin. Done.Now where’s your glass of wine, mama?


(Image via


(Image via

2. Keep Little Fingers Busy

We love this idea from American mum Kelly from blog Be A Fun Mom. Make cute Christmas trees out of old magazines (find out how to here) and let the kiddos go to town decorating them with pom-poms (or anything else you might have handy that would work as Christmas tree decor…)



3. Jolly & Holly Chocolate & Salted Caramel Dessert

Two adorable snowmen layered with cocoa sponge, chocolate ganache and slightly salted caramel mousse. Warning: The adults might want a sneaky taste too!

€19, available from Marks and Spencer

4. It’s ALL About Presentation

Plates, cups, cutlery, blah-blah-blah, that is all so adults table if you ask us (and most kids, we think!). Instead, switch up how you serve the food to your little guests this Christmas, and we guarantee they will have so much more fun eating it.

We have to admit we are loving this idea of we came across on Pinterest, of reindeer-themed brown paper lunch bags and water bottles. As for how; all you need is brown pipe cleaners, red pom-poms, googly eyes and glue.

Watch them tuck in!


5. Set Up A Hot Chocolate Bar

Kids love being allowed to do some mixing and matching by themselves, and what can be better than being allowed to conjure up your very own perfectly Christmas-y hot chocolate?

Just set up a ‘bar area’ near the children’s table, designate an adult to pour the actual drink, and let your littles help themselves to toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows and candy canes for stirring. (PS: We totally won’t judge you adults for wanting in on the action too!)


(Image via Amy’s Party Ideas)

For more ideas for your best Christmas ever, make sure you skip on over to Pinterest, and give us a follow there too!