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01st Jul 2015

5 fun ways to embrace the rain this Bank Holiday weekend

Sive O'Brien

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but if there’s one certainty this Bank Holiday weekend it’s that it is going to rain at some point.

No really, it is. The forecast might be looking more dreary than dry but that doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up indoors all weekend. Instead, pull on the waterproofs and try these five fun and toddler-friendly ways to embrace the downpour that seems to be heading our way.

1. Go on a nature trail

Worms, snails and all kinds of interesting creepy crawlies like to come out in the wet weather. Yes, they might gross you out a bit but your little ones will love searching for them in the garden. You might also be able to spot the animals who are trying to shelter from the rain.

2. Sail puddles

Leaves and small sticks make great little boats. Use a puddle to see what floats the fastest and furthest. If you’re feeling really creative, you could try making a little paper boat to sail across a puddle. This tutorial will show you how.

3. Paint in the rain

Take some food colouring and paper outside in the rain. Once the rain has soaked the paper, drop food colouring on to it and watch your art form into a pretty picture that you can take inside to dry and hang.

4. Jump in puddles

If it’s good enough for that obnoxious little sausage Peppa Pig, it’s good enough for us, so stick on your wellies and get splashing.

5. Catch raindrops

Use a jar to catch raindrops, and make it into a game by seeing who can catch the most water the fastest. While you’re waiting for the jars to fill, run around like a crazy person and make noises like a duck. The kids will LOVE it (and so will you).