5 tips for protecting your home against thieves 4 years ago

5 tips for protecting your home against thieves

With all those presents sitting underneath the tree and all that time spent out of the house, the festive period is a prime time for break-ins.

Thieves are opportunistic, particularly at this time of the year which is why we decided to bring you some tips on how to make your home a bit safer.

Some are taken from the Garda website while others are what we do ourselves.

Lock all doors and windows

It might sound like common sense but it’s important to get into a routine of checking everything is locked up, even when you’re in the house. You might think that your presence is a deterrent but we’ve heard plenty of stories about people being confronted by burglars so take extra precautions.

Set the alarm

Even if you’re only heading out for five minutes, you should set the house alarm. Five minutes is all they need to take your most prized belongings. Again, put it on whenever you’re leaving the house and when everyone has gone to bed.

Be creative with hiding places

Keep valuables out of sight and it might be a good idea not to put the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. Don’t go for the popular places, such as under the bed or in a wardrobe, for concealing your belongings. The key is to make it as difficult for thieves as possible.

Forget those “I’m out” notes

As online shopping grows in popularity, so do the notes on the door telling the delivery people that you’re currently not in. Sure this solves the problem of having to collect the parcel at the post office but it could attract unwanted attention from thieves who now know there is an empty house.

Use light timers

A number of surveys have revealed that lights are the best deterrent against break-ins but it’s not a case of leaving lights on (this will highlight the fact that nobody is home), it’s using light timers so they go on and off thus giving the impression someone is in. These can also be used for radios.