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02nd Aug 2019

Time to mix things up – 5 ways to make getting active with the kids more fun

Anna Daly


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We are loving this warm weather.

We’ve been making the most of it, too, because goodness knows that we can’t be taking it for granted in Ireland.

Of course, the kids are loving it: they’ve built dozens of sandcastles, wrapped themselves in towels after braving the Irish waters, and munched on seaside treats. We guess that’s the one good side of Ireland’s lack of a proper summer – we really appreciate the few great days that we do get. It’s the novelty that makes it all so exciting.

So it got us thinking, what can we do to bring some novelty to our usual activities with the kids? Here are a couple of easy options we came up with:

1. Bring a picnic on a hike


Just like seaside snacks, meals that are made specifically for a trip always taste the best. If the kids are reluctant to join you on that hike, why not make the prospect more exciting by bringing along a picnic? Even if they’re already excited, everyone will be thrilled to have a proper meal to refuel on during the walk. Get the kids even more involved by having them help you put the picnic together.

2. Set rewards for certain activities

This may sound like bribery but it’s not. The difference here is that, rather than waiting until your little one says no before offering the treat, you set out the reward along with the activity. That way they’ll associate the activity with the reward and the whole thing will become fun, rather than something they have to go through to get what they want. The reward system encourages a positive attitude towards the whole experience, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Find new ways to exercise

Lord knows we find it difficult enough to follow that jogging routine we promised we’d stick to. Life is more fun when you don’t have to think about the exercise you’re doing – that’s what kids do all day. So take a leaf out of their book and copy those little monkeys. Bring the kids along to a climbing wall, or try your hand at surfing or trampolining.

Us adults get to try something new, and the kids can have a ball watching us fail at something they’re most likely pros at. Trust us, we can certainly learn a thing or two from those little monkeys – they definitely know how to have fun!

4. Try out some parent-kid exercises

This one is great for family bonding. There are loads of parent-child activities out there if you look for them. For example, there’s parent and child yoga for all ages, no matter if you have a baby, a child, or a teen.

If you don’t want to go to a parent-and-child class, why not rent out a couple of tandem bikes and head to the nearest greenway? Or take a two-person kayak out on the water? You and your child working together in your activity will only bring you closer and, in our experience, it makes for a pretty hilarious time too.

5. Make it a competition

All kids are competitive, which means all kids love to win – that’s a fact. If you have children who can compete against each other without there being a complete meltdown if one of them doesn’t win, then you’re sorted. Otherwise, you can “compete” with them yourself and secretly let them win (most of the time).

It’s pretty easy: simply choose normal activities but claim that whoever finishes first/lasts the longest/jumps the highest is the winner. If the feeling of that sweet victory isn’t enough, feel free to provide a winning prize too. If you have multiple kids competing, we suggest a second/third/etc. prize to avoid the others getting too disheartened.

Everything can be fun when you’re a kid. Us adults just need to find the right way to introduce new things to make them exciting for the little ones (we see you, parents of kids who ask for second helpings of vegetables, and we are in awe).

With a little bit of effort, your little one could grow up interested in absolutely anything and everything. It always helps when you experience things right along with them. Remember, you’re their favourite person – savour the days when they don’t mind shouting that to the world.

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