This is how many Irish mums check in with work while on maternity leave 3 years ago

This is how many Irish mums check in with work while on maternity leave

According to this study, a whopping 52 percent of Irish mums reveal they had been involved in some work-related activity when on maternity leave.

This could include checking their work email, taking calls from colleagues or actually even going into work.

SMA Nutrition revealed the sombre figures this week, giving us some key insight into the lives of working mums in Ireland in 2017.

The research was conducted by iReach on behalf of SMA Nutrition as part of a project to highlight the everyday balancing act today’s mums play in both their work and home lives.

As well as feeling compelled to check in with work during their maternity leave, almost 50 percent of Irish mums also admitted to admitted to feeling nervous, concerned or anxious telling their employer they were pregnant.

When maternity leave nears an end, many mums admit to feeling worried organising childcare (a whopping 81 percent of mums were worried about this, in fact) and ensuring they will still get to spend enough time with their babies.


However, mums returning to work after maternity leave mostly agreed on one thing: They are now more on the ball than ever, with a whopping 64 percent of working mums claiming motherhood has increased their time management efficiency.