6-Year-Old Invents Device to Stop Foods Touching Other Foods 6 years ago

6-Year-Old Invents Device to Stop Foods Touching Other Foods

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and, like many an inventor before her, Ruby Lucken was inspired by a personal problem that required a solution. 

Unlike most other inventors however, Ruby is only six-years-old. Her problem? She does not like certain foods touching other foods on her plate.

"I just need to build a wall that sticks on my plate to keep food from running together," she told her parents. Then she got some modeling clay and her first prototype was born.

cubby (2)

Ruby's solution is the Food Cubby, a type of silicone food divider that sits on the plate and protects each food. The enterprising youngster started out by selling them at farmer’s markets. To her family’s surprise, this simple solution also appealed to people with special needs and older people who need help at mealtimes.


The semi-circle cubbies suction onto your plate and create a “wall” to help push food onto a fork or spoon. Genius. 

Here's how it works:

We can't wait to see what Ruby comes up with before she turns 12.