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01st Feb 2016

68% of New Parents Deal With This In Secret

Finding parenthood a bit trickier than you anticipated? Take heart; you’re certainly not alone.

A new survey has revealed that 68 per cent of new parents describe parenting as ‘challenging’ or ‘very challenging’.

The obvious issues (sleepless nights, money and concerns about a baby’s development) were the top worries for parents, but the survey revealed some interesting information about how men adapt to their new role; nearly one in four dads said they didn’t bond with their babies right away while a quarter of new dads said they didn’t feel prepared to be a father at all.

One in five parents (22 per cent) said that practical parenting classes would help, but meanwhile the same number of new mums and dads said they had lied to their friends and family about coping well.

In the study of 1,176 parents, conducted by The Baby Show, just 14 per cent said it was easy.

The full list of the biggest challenges for new parents were as follows:

1.    Sleepless nights
2.    Financial worries
3.    Worrying about the health or development of your baby
4.    A mum’s post-birth body image
5.    Juggling work and family
6.    Keeping a loving relationship with your partner
7.    Toddler tantrums
8.    Difficulty breastfeeding
9.    Staying in touch with family and friends
10.  Keeping up with other parents 

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