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18th Mar 2015

7 little ways you can make someone’s day: Go on, show you care

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention


One small, but thoughtful gesture can transform someone’s day, you know. Saying a kind word or doing a simple good deed for someone you know (or a stranger) makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It makes you feel good too. Spread the positive vibes, we say.

From helping out an exhausted friend to giving our own mums a call, here are 7 of our favourite ways to help brighten up someone else’s day:

1. Offer to do a school run

This simple act may be the life-saver your parent pals next door are looking for. And it’s twofold, as they might return the favour for you some morning you need some help.


2. Pass on a parking ticket

If you’re finished parking before your parking ticket runs out, pass it on to someone else in the car park. It might be the simple  deed that makes that person’s day.

3. Take your friend’s children for a playdate

Give an exhausted friend a well-deserved break by taking her little ones off her hands for an afternoon.

play date

4. Let the poor unfortunate Mum with the screaming toddler ahead of you at the supermarket checkout

We’ve all been there. Let her skip the queue. This is the ultimate good karma.

5. Drop in with a home-cooked meal for a new mum

We all remember the people who helped us out during those first few precious weeks of parenthood. If you’re cooking up a family meal, make an extra couple of portions and drop it around to a friend. This would mean the world to a sleep-deprived new Mum.

home cooked meal

6. Give your mum a call

When you’re having a hard day, give your own Mum a call to tell her how great she was to do it all. Letting her how much you appreciate all her hard work over the years will put a smile on her face.

7. Do a couple of chores for a friend with a newborn

It’s all hands on deck when there’s a new arrival in the house. Drop into a friend and volunteer to do a couple of rounds of laundry . This would mean the world to an overwhelmed new mum.

mother laundry

Give a Kleenex® kiss to someone else, friend or stranger as an act of love. Every day, people are kissing a tissue and giving a Kleenex® Kiss to someone else to show they care. For more information click here.