7 parents share the weirdest thing their child has cried about 2 years ago

7 parents share the weirdest thing their child has cried about

Toddlers can be pretty great.

You've officially made it past the 'baby-baby' stage and your boy or girl is a fully-fledged mini-person, with their own personality starting to shine through.

They're walking, they're talking, they're learning all about the world around them at a crazy pace. All in all, it can be fascinating and fun to be around.

Just not when they're throwing a tantrum, having a meltdown or have burst into tears for absolutely no reason.

A recent Reddit thread asked parents what the weirdest thing their child has started to cry about was - and the answers are all too relatable.


Honestly, we can't stop nodding along.

Here are some of our favourites.

  • Oh, I've got a weird one. He was eating a banana then threw it on the ground and cried because and I quote "The banana wasn't doing what I wanted it to!" He was really mad, not at bananas in general, but at that banana personally. I got him a new one and things were cool again, but he would still shoot the disobedient banana dirty looks until I put it in the garbage. [x]
  • My son, aged 8, heard that earth will be consumed by the sun in 4 billion years. I think it brought home the fact that he is a mere mortal and has a max of 4 billion years to make his mark on the world. He has been in tears most evenings, i have assured him we will have colonised another planet long before then. [x]
  • When my daughter was 2yo she wanted me to get her the moon, I explained like 50 times why it was impossible, she just wouldn't stop crying [x]

  • My son came into our room crying because his bed was broken. We took him to take a look. It wasn't broken. He just couldn't sleep and put it down to the bed. [x]

  • My son, when he was like 5, started full-on sobbing when he said that he wanted to meet Abraham Lincoln and I told him that Lincoln died a long time ago. [x]
  • When my youngest turned two, I made him a cake. Put the candles on it, lit them up, had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" as I entered the room he was in with it.

    His response was throwing himself to the ground and crying. [x]

  • Today she cried because 11+11 doesn't equal 20... [x]