7 things you don't need any more after becoming a mum 1 year ago

7 things you don't need any more after becoming a mum

Babies definitely don't need quite as much stuff as we might think they do at first, but they still need a lot, let's face it.

In fact, the amount of paraphernalia you seem to acquire only gets bigger as they get older. But the good news is that when you become a parent, some of the stuff you couldn't have lived without in the past pretty much becomes redundant - leaving plenty of space for all the baby purchases.

A little while ago, I wrote about all the baby stuff I totally could have lived without. Now, I am sharing a list of the things that I don't need or use since becoming a mum.

1. Alarm clock
I don't miss having to use an alarm clock, but I definitely miss being in control of when my wake-up call goes off in the morning. Thanks to almost two years of interrupted sleep, it's been a LONG time since an alarm was last set in this house. Still, you can bet that the days I need to be up early are the days my early bird decides to sleep in. Typical.


2. Mirror
It's not that I haven't looked at my reflection at all since I became a Mum (although it might sometimes appear that way), but I rarely get a second to pee alone, never mind take time to count the number of wrinkles I own. Most of the mirrors I own are still packed away in boxes after moving house earlier this year; whilst the one mirror that has been unpacked is so filthy with toddler hand prints I can barely see my reflection in it anyway.


3. Coat hangers
Defeated by the endless mountains of washing that can be found scattered around the house, I stopped using coat hangers when the wardrobe was replaced with the washing basket. Now THAT'S what you call a parenting hack.


4. Nail varnish
If there's one thing I haven't given up since becoming a Mum, it's putting on a bit of slap. I might not have the time to apply make-up as precisely as I once did (or as thickly as I probably should), but I'm definitely not ready to go without. My nails, however, are a different story. Mostly because when I DO get around to painting them, you can guarantee that somebody (most likely a toddler) will need my attention.


6. Books / ornaments / candles / picture frames
Pretty much anything that doesn't hang from a wall is still packed in a box since I moved house. In fact, many things I own that DO hang from walls are still in boxes... Did I mention that I have a toddler? Making the place look pretty with all your beautiful belongings is only going to end in (YOUR) tears, and just not worth the hassle.


7. Anything exercise related
Weights, skipping ropes, sports armbands and running shoes have all been gathering dust for longer than I care to remember. Fortunately, running around after a toddler is enough of a workout to ensure that I don't need to actually exercise to keep fit. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.