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26th Sep 2016

This 80-Second Video Will Make You A Better Parent (And We All Need To See It)

Trine Jensen-Burke

I am always thinking people who complain about how hard life with young children is, must not have thought things through.

I mean, I would personally argue that this bit, having children that are still small, is clearly the easiest as far as parenting is concerned.

With young children, they still think you are the most amazing person in their universe. They – for the most part – listen to you. You know where they are at all time, you tuck them in at night and know all their friends and can make sure they eat healthy and wear warm clothes and in every way keep them out of harm’s way. These days, mamas, they are bliss.

Luckily, my years of parenting teenagers are still a good bit into the future. I am not ready yet, that I know, but I hope that when the time comes, I will be.

16-year-old are no doubt different to 6-year-olds, and I think often we need to re-think and grown in how we parent as our children grow, and that the one-size-fits-all because-I-said-so method might not be quite as effective on a teenager as it is for a toddler.

This video that was recently posted on the Facebook page of a group called Sun Gazing quickly went viral, with parents everywhere watching, relating and wanting to pass the message on to others. And if you have 80 seconds to spare today, you should watch it to, because the message in it, whether you have threenagers or teenagers at home, is truly lovely.

“Sometimes it’s more important to give our kids what they need,” the video says at the end. “Not what they deserve.”

Wise words, we think.