9 amazing parenting tricks that will seriously up your mum game 7 months ago

9 amazing parenting tricks that will seriously up your mum game

Keeping your cool when you are a busy mum often requires a great deal of planning, patience and last but not least, an armful of clever tricks up your sleeve to make your days go that little bit smoother.

We all have some hacks we resort to, tried and tested from the trenches of motherhood, but what we should be doing more of, ladies, is learning from each other. Take notes from other mums, who might have tips and ideas you have never heard of, but that will make you wonder how come you never thought of it before.

Which is exactly the purpose Facebook Group Muddled Up Mummy was created for: A forum where mums (and dads too, of course!) can share parenting hacks, tips and ideas, thought out to make the job of parenting that little bit easier.

And we have to say; some of these just blew us away with the cleverness of it all.

1. Colour inside a box

Need to make a phone call? Hang the laundry? Or just inhale a cup of tea? All you need is a large box and some coloured markers, and you have just created hours of fun for little ones. This might be better for over twos, or little ones who won't eat the markers, so you know they are safe as you dash around, and make sure you keep checking on them to ensure they are okay.


2. Turn cot into activity table

Once your children grow out of their crib, why not turn it into an activity table?


3. Sprinkles

Put a pinch of sprinkles on everything to make your kids want to drink even the healthiest of smoothies.


4. Safety sticker

Sticker for the car where children have to leave their hand on it until you're ready to go. Put it on the side of the car though to teach children to not stand behind cars. Too clever!


5. Summer solutions

Use cupcake covers to keep bugs out of drinks.


 6. For when Glitter Gate happens...

Clean up glitter with a sticky lint roller.


7. Marshmallow medicine

If your child is suffering from a sore throat give them a few marshmallows. I think it has something to do with the gelatin but whatever it is it seems to work. If anything it will work as a placebo affect because we all know marshmallows are good!


8. And another one

*Runs out to stock up on marshmallows...


9. Clean with toothpaste

Permanent marker on wooden furniture? Not a problem, toothpaste will get it off.