9 really sound pieces of advice I would have given myself before I had a baby 3 years ago

9 really sound pieces of advice I would have given myself before I had a baby

Isn't it really crazy how different everything looks in hindsight?

Parenting is no different, and let me tell you this: Once you become a mum, you will have an almost endless amount of moments of "ah, if only I had done things THIS way instead of that..."

Like – just imagine if you could go back and share with your new mum self some of that hard-earned wisdom a few years of parenting has thaught you. How much worry and grief and stress you could have saved yourself.

For instance, if I could go back to being pregnant with my first baby, back to when I still had motherhood stretching out in front of me like a series of idyllic looking Pinterest boards (I know; little did I know!), THIS is what I would have told my 28-year-old self:

1. Seize every opportunity to sleep

Like; don't miss a single opportunity to snooze. Not one.

2. Don't fret about that birth plan

Chances are, it's not going to go exactly like you planned for it to do anyway. Also – repeat after me: The most important thing is that your baby is delivered safely and that you are healthy and well.

3. You will have to learn on the job (and books are nothing compared to IRL baby raising)


Until you have personally dealt with colic/teething/vomiting bugs you know NOTHING.

4. Trust your instincts

This is the thing: Nobody will know you baby better than you. Not your mum, not Mary from down the street, not Super Nanny, and not Gina Ford. Especially Gina F**king Ford.

5. Take that nap

Just do it. You'll regret it later if you don't.

6. Expensive baby clothes are just silly

Babies will vomit on cashmere too – they don't give a toss about how much money you paid for it.

7. Enjoy your full, firm boobs

Unfortunately; they won't last...


8. Soak up how nice it feels to just spend some time along

Just take a moment, when you are in the bath or going for a walk, or reading a magazine, and really revel at how good it feels to have a moment just to yourself. It might just be a while until that happens again.

9. Repeat steps #1 and #5

Literally – trust me on this.

What advice would YOU dish out to your pre-baby self? Let us know in the comments.