9 signs you are a parent to Irish twins (or are one yourself) 4 years ago

9 signs you are a parent to Irish twins (or are one yourself)

If you're a parent to 'Irish twins', or grew up with a sibling very close in age to you, you are gonna identify...

Irish twins siblings close in age close age gap between children

1. Ahh, lookit! Are they twins?

First question every time. Followed by the standard line delivered with a laugh, "no - they're Irish twins." Yes, they are very alike. Yep, just the year between them. Jeez thanks so much for inquiring about our sex life but yes, it was on purpose and yes, we do know how it happens...

2. You have your hands full there!

Y'know it's the oddest thing but I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before. Just kidding! But it's only the thirtieth time today.

3. I don't know how you manage

Ah no, it's grand, I got a great night's sleep last night - almost a full forty minutes.

4. Nappies, nappies everywhere


Your house is probably single handedly responsible for climate change based on the amount of disposable nappies you go through every day.

5. What's in a name?

Your child will be called another name so often that they will automatically respond to it, just in case.

6. Matchy-matchy

Dressing your kids as if they are actually twins is a cute novelty... If you are willing to take on point one when you're out and about with them.

7. Hand-me-downs

Worse than matchy-matchy, the hand-me-down clothes, toys, bikes (you name it, the list is endless) make economic "shur we only just bought this" sense but induce parental guilt and recipient bitterness.

8. Extra pressies

Nobody can legitimately hand over a birthday present and ignore the pitiful staring eyes of a sibling so close in age, right? Huzzah! Presents all round!

9. But they did it!

If one is allowed to do something, so is the other by-proxy. It's written in Irish twin law.