A gay couple who made a cute song about wanting to adopt have become dads 7 years ago

A gay couple who made a cute song about wanting to adopt have become dads

A couple in the US who made a viral video earlier this year about their wish to adopt a baby now have a son.

Joe Morales and Joey Famoso created a cute song called 'Dear Future Baby' to the tune of Meghan Trainor's 'Dear Future Husband' back in February. Here's a quick reminder...

Just three months after recording the parody, the couple have adopted a baby boy called Jackson. Announcing the new addition to their family on the Joe and Joey Adopt Facebook page, Joe says, "Joey and I are incredibly honored and humbled to welcome our son, Jackson Rudy to the world! Life as we know it has changed and I'm happy to say that it's all for the better - our heads are in the clouds and our hearts are in the palm of our son Jackson's hands. The type of unconditional love we already have for our son was immediate, is everlasting and a truly divine blessing. We are so grateful that our son found us."

The couple, who say that their video connected them to the birth mother of their now adopted son, are now in the process of creating a foundation that will support families who are waiting to adopt and have experienced the emotional and financial unease associated with unsuccessful adoption. They say it is a great way to "pay it forward" and hope to have the Dear Future Baby foundation up and running within the next few months.


Congratulations to them!


Main image via Today