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08th Dec 2016

Paediatrician: Multiple Children On A Trampoline Can Be As Dangerous As Cage Fighting

Every Christmas my husband and I lock parental horns over what I call The Great Trampoline Debate. 

I say it would be a great plaything for our three children which would tick the fitness box, keep them occupied for hours and let them expend some of their usually exhaustive energy. My philosophy is to wrap them up and let them jump it out.  My husband simply thinks they are too dangerous.

Now it seems that he may have a point.

A recent study has shown that the incidence of children’s hospitalisations following trampoline accidents are on the rise. Researchers say they may be partly because netted enclosures give mums and dads a false sense of safety when it comes to supervision.

A leading paediatrician has weighed in on the debate.

Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital paediatrician, Dr Anthea Rhode,s says that although the design of trampolines has evolved over the years, injuries are on the rise:

“Three quarters of parents have a trampoline with a safety net, and people are more inclined to have more children on a trampoline with a safety net. Allowing multiple children on a trampoline has been compared to cage fighting by our trauma service at The Royal Children’s Hospital”

She was referring to a poll which found that despite guidelines recommending one child to bounce at a time, more than 80 per cent of parents allowed multiple children on a trampoline at the same time.

Injuries include dislodged teeth, broken bones and loss of consciousness from a fall to the ground or by banging heads. Speaking to Essential Kids, she said she believes parents are ignoring basic trampoline safety:

“I’m not suggesting for one minute that we wrap children up in bubble wrap, but what’s really important is balancing the risk of getting outside and being safe”

Her advice is simple: Only one child at a time, supervise at all times and have a first aid kit to hand at home.

Where do you stand on the Great Trampoline Debate? Are you considering one for Christmas? We would love to hear your comments!