A stranger's touching act for a mum travelling with twin babies 4 years ago

A stranger's touching act for a mum travelling with twin babies

We are bawling.

On International Women's Day, this story of one mum helping another mum is just what we needed to hear.

Mackenzie Murphy took to Facebook to share how she witnesses a heart-warming act when a stranger helped a mother travelling with babies.

In the below post, she explains how an airport employee took the mother's car seat to store it under the plane due to a packed plane.

Once on board, a flight attendant told the mum she couldn't hold both babies and so she would have to leave the plane.

That's when another mum stepped in and offered to hold one child for the duration of the flight.

She fed the baby, burped him and even when her own child wanted her attention, she told her daughter that this mum was travelling alone and that it was important to help her out.


A random act of kindness for a stranger while also teaching her own daughter a valuable life lesson?

Pretty impressive all around.

This Facebook post featured on the Love What Matters Facebook page in 2017 but it's going viral again and given the day that's in it, we thought this was an important piece to share.

This kind stranger held the other mum's child, sang to him and he fell asleep without even a cry.

As mentioned, she also had her own daughter in tow and this is proof of the amazing multi-tasking mamas manage every day.

With International Women's Day today and Mother's Day on Sunday, we're celebrating mums everywhere. You're amazing and don't you ever forget it.