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16th May 2018

Actress Megan Fox received terrible criticism for this photo of her sons

Cathy Donohue


Megan Fox recently shared a photo of her two young sons on Instagram and she’s now receiving backlash for the most ridiculous reason.

Noah (5) and Bodhi (4), were ready to go surfing and so, their proud mum decided to take a quick snap of them, describing them as “her world”.

However, Megan, who is also mum to Journey (1), probably wasn’t prepared for the backlash that followed with numerous people criticising her for allowing their hair to grow so long.

One comment read:

“Meghan why your boys looks like they r girls? [sic]”

Another said:

“Lol…poor things look like little girls”.


A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

Another asked why Meghan hasn’t cut their hair, yes really.

That’s not all either for some followers were completely confused and asked if the boys were her daughters or nieces.

Thankfully, some of Megan’s fans were quick to jump in and say that she’s perfectly entitled to leave her children’s hair long if she so wishes.

One commenter wrote:

“I let my sons hair grow out when he was small also. I love it!!”

Another said:

“People posting nasty comments about someone’s children well shame on them, I wish all the nasty trolls would just go away”.

Also, fair play to this individual:

“When did hair become a female thing?? So if a woman doesn’t have hair, she’s a boy? People are ridiculous. They look cute. Love it! Why are people even insulting children to begin with?! Smh bet they’d be quick to yell at another kid for bullying though, when they are bigger bullies!”

You can check the adorable photo and post here.

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