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27th May 2016

Actress and Mum-of-Six Sparks Debate With Time-Saving Tip For Parents

You may recognise Madeleine West from when she starred in Neighbours years ago. But this week the mother-of-six sparked some controversy with one of her parenting tips.

The 35-year-old wrote a piece for the Daily Mail to promote her new book ‘Six Under Eight’. In it, she disclosed some of her favourite time-saving tips.

One of them was that she occasionally lets her kids sleep in their next day outfits in order to save time in the morning.

She explained: “Oh, and if you’ve got a particularly early start or busy morning, dress the children in their clothes for the next day the night before.

“Pyjamas are optional for me. I figured if they’re in clean clothes and getting into a clean bed, they’re fine.”

The comment sparked a debate with some people describing the tip as “clever” and revealing that they had also done it.

One wrote in the Daily Mail comments section: “I put my kids in their next day clothes. I pack their lunches the night before. You can cry foul all you want. But they get to school on time every day… Stop judging everyone. Start supporting.”

Others weren’t impressed with one saying: “I would rather be labelled unorganised [sic] than put my children to bed in clothes they will wear the next day!! What is it coming to when a person does not have time to dress those children in the morning!!”

This was echoed by another person who commented: “Kids sleeping in their clothes ? Sorry no way, I don’t care if you have 20 kids, making the kids sleep in their clothes is slack parenting.”

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Madeleine later defended what she had advised, explaining that it only happens occasionally when the following day is particularly hectic in terms of activities

Alongside the above Instagram post, she wrote: “No #mother/#father/#carer is #perfect. But in the eyes of our #children we are the most perfectly imperfect #parent they could ever #wish to have.”

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Top image via Instagram/Madeleine West