Adorable Memory Box Ideas For Your Little Newbie 5 years ago

Adorable Memory Box Ideas For Your Little Newbie

If you're in that cuddly, hazy, newborn baby glow you may find it hard to believe that, in a few years time, you will struggle to remember things like your little one's exact time of birth or what their first word was.

Filling a memory box with significant items is the perfect way to keep treasured keepsakes safe. The heirloom box can even be passed on to your grown-up 'baby' one day!

Here are some super-cute ideas for baby bits and bobs to place in your newbie's memory box:

1. Keep it traditional with your positive pregnancy test (I know lots of mamas who kept theirs!), baba's ultrasound pics or DVD, hospital ID bracelet, their umbilical cord clamp, onesie, and hat. If you or your partner's parents kept your own hospital IDs they make a lovely addition. Other ideas include a small lock of hair and a newspaper from your baby's birthday. If there is a celebratory champagne cork from proud grandparents, write the date on it and stick that in the box too.

2. A more unusual idea (and one that I adore) is to buy a small clock, remove the batteries, and set it to read your baby's time of birth as a permanent reminder of when they came into the world. Alternatively, you can use an old watch of yours or your partner's. So sweet!

3. Make footprints of your newbie's hands or feet, or both. The prints are pretty all by themselves, but you can make them even more precious by being a little bit creative; choose special paper and make prints of all the family members' hands, placing them in a circle. This unique 'wheel' is a lovely and artistic way of symbolising how the members of your family are connected and form one.


4. Put baby's first pair of shoes or pre-walkers in a box-frame, using velcro on the backs to make them stay put. Add a little ribbon or inscribe the date for an extra-special touch. This beautiful memento can either hang in their room or go into the memory box for safe-keeping.

5. If you have another child (or children) give them a (disposable) camera and let them take their own pictures of their new sibling. Later, they can make their own photo album to place in the memory box. Lots of fun and the role of 'official photographer' will make big brothers and sisters feel VERY important!

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