This Is How Your Age Gap Affects Your Relationship... 4 years ago

This Is How Your Age Gap Affects Your Relationship...

If you've ever commented on how a couple with a large age gap "will never last", you might actually be onto something.

A recent study has found that there is a definite correlation between the age gap between two partners and the likelihood of said relationship lasting.

The survey, led by professors in the Department of Economics at Emory University in Atlanta, looked at 3,000 people and found that the larger the age gap, the larger the risk of separation.

In fact, Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon found that a 5-year age gap can increase the chance of a couple splitting by 18 per cent.


If there are 10 years between you and your partner, you are apparently 39 per cent more likely to end up heartbroken while couples with a 20-year age gap are pretty much doomed (95 per cent).

The most successful gap was found to be 1 year with such pairings only facing a 3 per cent chance of divorce.

Interestingly, having a baby together before making that trip down the aisle was also found to increase the chance of going the distance.

So there you have it... although we've found that there are always (quite a few) exceptions to the rule!