Aldi's bargain €5 school uniforms are coming back to stores 5 years ago

Aldi's bargain €5 school uniforms are coming back to stores

They're back!

It might be a bit early to be thinking if back-to-school time, given that the kids just got off for the summer, but these deals are not to missed.

Aldi's range of school uniform items will be back in stores from Thursday week, 13 July.

Catering for kids aged from 3 to 11, the range features items in a variety of colours at knock-down prices.

The retailer's €5 deal means you'll be able to pick up either a pair of trousers or a skirt, one round neck jumper and two polo shirts for a fiver. Yes, we're serious.

The items on offer include boys’ and girls’ trousers for €2, girls’ pleated skirts for €2 (available in black, navy and grey), boys' and girls’ round neck jumpers for €1 and a two-pack of boys' or girls’ polo shirts for €2.

The items are all machine washable, suitable for tumble drying and easy iron, while the trousers and skirts are also coated in Teflon to help resist stains and water.


If that weren't enough, there are plenty of other bargains to be had.

You can get your hands on a two-pack of short sleeve shirts for €3.49, scuff-resistant shoes for €6.99, a two-pack of knitted cardigans for €6.99 and a two-pack of pleated pinafores for €7.99.

There'll also be sports gear on offer - two-packs of round-neck t-shirts for €2.49, tracksuit pants for €3.49 and runners for €8.99.