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04th Nov 2017

Alex Jones admits she went back to work too soon after giving birth

She took just three months' leave from The One Show earlier this year.

Anna O'Rourke

Has worrying about your job ever prompted you to cut your maternity leave short?

BBC presenter Alex Jones has admitted that she didn’t take a long enough off after having her first child earlier this year.

The One Show host gave birth to a little boy named Teddy in January and was back on screen in April.

She sad she felt “absolutely sick” with nerves the night before going back to work and wasn’t ready to be away from the baby.

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“With hindsight it would have been better to have taken longer off, but of course you don’t know that before you go,” she told the Sun.

“You make all these plans and when you’re still at work you say, ‘Yeah, it’ll be fine, I’ll be fine to come back after three months’.

“I felt fine in myself but I didn’t feel ready to be separated from Teddy.”

She also confessed to feeling paranoid about her job while she was off recovering after becoming a mum.

This comes in the week that she reacted to the news that her co-host Matt Baker was earning £50,000 more than her per year.

A BBC report on staff pay earlier this year highlighted the disparity.

“I was quite shocked. I guess everybody else was,” she told the Mirror.

“Matt and I have never discussed wages, but I assumed we got paid the same.”