Amal Clooney's on a strict post-pregnancy diet and we don't fancy it 5 years ago

Amal Clooney's on a strict post-pregnancy diet and we don't fancy it

Fish, anyone?

Amal Clooney's not one for looking anything less than flawless, so we're really not surprised that this applies to her just two months after giving birth to twins either.

The human rights lawyer and new mum welcomed Ella and Alexander into the world in June, and since then she has apparently been on a super strict diet.

And it doesn't sound all that appetising to us.

A source told Heat magazine that Amal is currently on a diet comprised mostly of fish.

In the morning, she will usually eat seaweed soup and a boiled egg. For lunch and dinner, the barrister will indulge on some chickpeas, hummus, and some mackerel, salmon, or swordfish.

There's also a lot of veggies thrown in there too.


While we're not adverse to a bit of seafood every now and again, eating this strict Medditarian diet day in and day out must get a tad stale.

According to Heat's source though, it's been working well enough for Amal.

And as well as restricting the foods she eats, she's also been exercising regularly.

"She also walks for an hour each day, along with 20 minutes of weight-lifting every other day, and 30 minutes of Pilates on the other days."

Amal has been holidaying with husband George Clooney in Italy's Lake Como for the past while.

The pair wed in 2014.