Amy Childs talks candidly about life as a single parent 5 years ago

Amy Childs talks candidly about life as a single parent

The mum-of-one split with her partner just six weeks after the birth of her daughter.

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs and her ex-boyfriend Bradley Wright separated six weeks after she gave birth to their daughter, Polly.

Ever since she’s been doing it solo and while she has often spoken about how capable women are to go it alone, she’s now spoken candidly about times when she wishes she had help.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Amy revealed that her daughter is now teething and it’s proving to be a tough time for her.

“There are times when it’s really tough,” she said.

“Polly usually sleeps through the night, but she’s teething at the moment so she’s been waking up every hour.”

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Amy went on to admit that she sometimes wishes she had a second pair of hands to help.


“It’s time like that when I’d love to have a partner who could help me out or look after her while I have a bath.

“I get a lot of help from my parents as they live just down the road, but it doesn’t replace what I’m missing in a partner.”

Amy shared a picture from the spread on her Instagram this morning, saying:

“Polly’s first Christmas shoot.”