Amy Huberman has a nifty little Elf on the Shelf trick we are SO planning on stealing 10 months ago

Amy Huberman has a nifty little Elf on the Shelf trick we are SO planning on stealing

Well, of course.

If you are one of the many (many) families across the country – and the world – who get a visit from the Elf on the Shelf every December, chances are you have already started to worry about all the moving and thinking about new naughty tricks and pranks.

However, this year has been year unlike any other, and so if ever there was a December to feel OK about cutting ourselves some slack, 2020 is it. And so with that in mind, we are so stealing Amy Huberman's trick when December rolls around and the little guy arrives back from the North Pole once more.

While appearing on Ray D’Arcy’s  RTE Radio 1 show recently, the mum-of-two (almost three!) said:

‘The elves are coming back and loads of people have said on the first of December that they will have to quarantine for for two weeks in a jar.

‘We may just have to leave out the hand sanitiser and all that. It might just be safer if they do quarantine in a jar for the first two weeks.’

I mean; this is just what good parenting is all about, isn't it?


D'Arcy, being a dad himself, clearly loved the idea, calling it the 'best idea ever!'

"And they wont’ be able to write notes for the first two weeks. They’re going to be coming from a different country the elves, so they’ll have to quarantine – they’re the guidelines."

I mean; how awesome is this, guys? Amy Huberman has pretty much given us all two weeks off in December, and I don't know about you, but 'I'll take it!

Just FYI – here is what the guys at Elf on the Shelf actually have to say about the whole issue of elves and travel restrictions:


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