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15th Jul 2017

Here’s an idea for the family’s next epic summer adventure

Loads of excitement.

A super summer adventure awaits.

With the little ones on their holidays, it seems every day we’re looking for the next best thing for them to enjoy. Well look no further, the famed Durrow Scarecrow Festival is kicking off in just two weeks’ time.

The event which takes place from 30 July to 7 August, and in its eighth year, is set to spectacular once more. With such a community feel and a great family oriented and friendly aura about the Co Laois festival, prepare for an exciting and fun-filled week of shenanigans.

With the entire family’s needs being catered to, there’s no shortage of laughter and you’ll have plenty of time to mosey around the craft workshops, the food market, watch some live music and take part in a thrilling treasure hunt among the countless scarecrows to name just a few.

Yes, among much children’s entertainment there are the famous scarecrows of Durrow, scattered all-round, sporting different looks, designs and funky clothing. You may have a hard time picking your favourite with all that’s around.

And be sure not to miss out on who wins the All Ireland Scarecrow Championships, where you can see the very best of the 120 straw figures take the champion title.