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06th Jul 2021

Ashley Graham changes her baby’s nappy in a stationery shop and Wendy Williams is not impressed

Kat O'Connor

“I don’t want to see this”

Ashley Graham’s Instagram is a breath of fresh air for mums. The model isn’t afraid to shy away from the not-so-glamorous parts of motherhood and it makes her followers feel understood.

She shares the bad, the cringe, and the awkward moments that every mum experiences, but are rarely ever seen on our Instagram feeds.

The 33-year-old has received heaps of praise for her honest approach, but some people aren’t a fan of the model’s real posts.

Graham was called out by TV host Wendy Williams after she shared a photo of her changing her son’s nappy in the middle of a store.

The mum shared the snap with her 13.3m followers and wrote: “Sh?t just got real! First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!”

However, unlike her millions of followers, Williams was less than impressed with the post.

“I love Ashley Graham. She is the beautiful model. She has been on our show. We love her. I have seen her out socially. And she is being mommy-shamed by me. … I don’t like what she did.”

“Personally, I don’t want to see this,” she said.

The presenter said she understands that some parents don’t have a choice, but questioned why Graham didn’t go out to her car.

“Mothers are looking at Ashley like: ‘If she can do it, I can do it too.’ No the hell you can’t. This is sending a bad message. I don’t want to see this in the store. I don’t, and I’m a mom,” she stressed.

I think we can all agree that mum-shaming just isn’t welcome around here. Graham was simply taking care of her son.