This is the average age parents are buying their kids their first phone 2 months ago

This is the average age parents are buying their kids their first phone

What age should kids get a mobile phone?

When to get your child their first phone is a question that many parents ponder over.

With their friends seemingly all having one first, it often comes down to pestering until you surrender and say yes.

We asked HerFamily readers what's the right age to buy your child their first phone and the overwhelming response was 12 years old, or just before they start secondary school. 

Asked whether they'll monitor usage and look at the activity on the phone, most replied yes.

According to research done in the UK, kids across the water start a little earlier, with the average child getting their first phone at the age of ten.

The research was done by the e-safety company Internet Matters who say that phones can be necessary for many children, however, parents should ensure their children are being safe with the technology.

“Every child is different,” CEO of Internet Matters Carolyn Bunting said of the findings.

“Whether it be a sign of maturity or peace of mind; parents know intuitively what the right age is for their child to be given a smartphone.”


However, many experts suggest that investing in child-friendly phones might be the solution to many parents’ worries.

Basic handsets can allow children to make phone calls, send and receive text messages which many parents decide is enough.

This then limits the worry of internet access and monitoring any apps they may be using.

Or try something like the Neo smart watch that allows calls and messages to approved contacts only.

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