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13th Dec 2021

Mum issues warning to parents after bauble explodes in baby’s mouth

“I heard a massive crunch”

A mum has issued a stark warning after a Christmas bauble exploded in her 14-month-old daughter’s mouth.

She opened up to Tiny Hearts Education about the ordeal.

The mum said it was a “reminder” to be extra careful with Christmas decorations.

The mum and her daughter were getting into the Christmas spirit and decided to do a photoshoot.

“I’d gone all out with a backdrop and props and had some beautiful baubles nearby that my grandma had given me. So I wanted to get them in the shot.

She stressed that she was watching her daughter the entire time.

“I got her into position with a jingle bell toy and before I knew it she had scooped up this precious bauble and decided to bite it,” she revealed.

“As I turned around I heard a massive crunch, and it had exploded in her mouth. Thankfully, I stayed as calm as possible.”

The mum didn’t let her swallow any of the pieces and removed the fragments from her mouth.

The mum admitted that she felt absolutely petrified but knew she had to remain calm for her daughter’s sake.

She rushed her doctor to the hospital for an all-over assessment and X-rays.

The nurses told the mother that her little girl could have inhaled some of the fragments in shock when she bit down.

Thankfully, her little girl was lucky and her X-rays all came back clear.

She hopes her story will help highlight just how dangerous baubles can be, especially for little kids.

“It happened within seconds and it could have ended up with surgery.”