Blake Lively just admitted something every mum-of-three knows already 3 years ago

Blake Lively just admitted something every mum-of-three knows already

Juggling motherhood, a growing family and a career isn’t as easy as it looks — just ask Blake Lively.

The 32-year-old, who welcomed her third child last summer (rumoured to also be a girl, like Lively's two eldest children) stopped by Good Morning America earlier this week as part of a promotion tour for her latest film, The Rhythm Section, and when asked about life with three kids under six, Lively was refreshingly honest about things.

"It's like going from two to 3,000," she said about the difference between having two children and three. "I mean, we have so many children. It's pretty crazy. We're outnumbered, and it's a lot."

Sounds familiar to all mums who know what it feels like to be outnumbered? I bet it does.

Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds, who are parents to five-year-old James, three-year-old Inez and a baby born in the summer of 2019, have previously admitted that being from large families themselves (Lively has four siblings), they always dreamed of having a big family.


"I'd love 30 if I could," the actress told Allure magazine way back in 2012, right around the time she and Reynolds got married.

But while their dream is clearly coming true, we love how these two can be honest about how raising young kids is rather chaotic.

"People say going from two to three, it's the same, you know, it's kind of easy -- those people do not have three kids," she continued to joke. "It is real crazy. But I'm here."

Indeed. Being a mum is crazy, And manic. But so totally worth it too.