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25th Feb 2020

Blogger creates ‘should mothers have careers’ flowchart to major backlash

This is so off base.

When it comes to being a mum, it really does feel sometimes that no matter what you do you can never win.

This scenario often comes up in regards to whether a mother chooses to continue working or become a stay at home mother after her child is born.

You wouldn’t think it would be that big of a deal, I certainly don’t, but many people feel the need to criticise or judge mothers for what choice they make in this regard and trust me, whatever you choose, someone will have something to say about it.

I’ve been on both sides of this coin at one time or another.

When my son was little I did some very small bits of freelance or casual work but for the most part I was mainly a stay at home mum.

This came with the usual ‘aren’t you wasting your education?’ critic from some people that just really isn’t necessary. Have you ever tried keeping a small person alive? That requires a lot of intelligence.

Then when I went back to working the 9-5 type job, I was judged for ‘abandoning my children’. Really?

Too many people have made these remarks to too many mums and one blogger recently made a very controversial flowchart making similar remarks that really wasn’t appreciated.

A blogger called The Transformed Wife created a flowchart that basically resulted in saying that working mothers have less fulfilled lives than stay-at-home mothers.

She also wrote in the chart that working mothers are too tired to do things like be intimate with their husbands and that they don’t spend much time with their children.

While the chart mainly focused on bashing working mums, within it were some odd statements regarding stay-at-home mothers like how they can nap frequently and always have energy.

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The blogger’s flowchart was not well received online and many commented that she was way off the mark with her results.

“Out of touch with reality in life! Get off your high horse and actually do some sahm research . I was more exhausted being a stay at home mom than being a single working mom of three kids!”

“Funny cause I am a much better mother when I have a “break” from my kids and go to work. It helps me to appreciate them more, be more on task when I’m home vs “I’ll just do it later” and I actually make MORE healthy foods when I work cause I also meal prep and plan for the week.”

It’s so ridiculous that in this day and age mums are still coming up against criticism regarding whether they work or not. Surely all that really matters is that are children are happy and healthy and not the fact that we do or don’t have a job.