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23rd Mar 2015

Blogosphere: 3 things we love from parent blogs

Eggs, sweatshirts and kale

Sive O'Brien

1. 20 Easter egg decorating ideas for kids from Mum In The Madhouse


Folks, it’s nearly Easter (how did that happen?), so it only seems right to include an egg-related post in this blogosphere round-up. Looking forward to the Easter hols, this blogger and mum of two has shared 20 Easter egg decorating ideas for kids. She says that decorating eggs is one of her family’s Easter traditions, adding, “We never do anything overly elaborate, but we really enjoy it.” Not sure who decorated the eggs in the picture but they look pretty damn EGGcellent to me… (Sorry.) On another, related, note, it’s nearly Easter… Again, how did that happen?

Mother sweatshirt seen on Not Another Mummy Blog


As a mother, I NEED this sweatshirt in my life. Just incase anyone forgets who I am. This cool piece of clothing, which was featured on one of my favourite mummy blogs, is being sold on a site called Selfish Mother. All profits from sales of Mother designs go to Women for Women International – a charity that helps women in eight war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes – which is even more reason to get one in YOUR life.

Amazing! Kale! Recipes! Wow! from The Busy Dad Blog


This busy dad got his hands on some kale and created “THE MOST AMAZING KALE RECIPES THAT WILL NOM YOUR MOTHERNOMMING MIND!” Before sharing his recipes, which include The Kaelstrom, Shish Kalebobs and Chockale Chip Cookies, he adds, “I better see these on Pinterest sometime. That’s all I’m saying.” In the same post, he also highlights the dangers of texting while driving and encourages readers to take the pledge. I’m not sure how he’s managed to do it but the link between kale and driving safely isn’t as tenuous as you might expect. Impressive.