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29th Nov 2020

Cameron Diaz admits 11-month-old daughter loves garlic and bone marrow

Trine Jensen-Burke

Cameron Diaz

Little Raddix isn’t chomping on jarred baby food, apparently.

Cameron Diaz has retired her acting career completely it would seem, and these days, the 48-year-old is more interested in staying home and cooking up a storm for her family – and marketing her brand new wine business.

In a recent virtual appearance on an episode of the Rachael Ray Show, Diaz shared with the celebrity chef that she makes a concerted effort to feed her baby daughter more adult foods – and that little Raddix has, in fact, never had puréed anything.

Instead, the 11-month-old is being weaned on a diet filled with garlic, bone marrow and herbs.

Speaking about cooking in the pandemic Diaz said, ‘The first four months, I cooked every single meal,’ though she said they did incorporate ordering in into their routine slowly.

“Maybe we’ll order lunch. Maybe we’ll order dinner. But for the most part, I’m cooking all the meals,” she said.