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14th Dec 2018

Your child can find out how their letter makes it all the way to the North Pole


If your child has ever wondered how their letter makes it from Ireland to the North Pole, now they can find out.

For the first time, Santa will meet children inside the GPO, Dublin and show them exactly how all their letters find their way to his home.

The GPO Witness History  will offer you and your child the only behind the scenes look at how those special letters begin their journey from The Post Office here in Ireland, all the way to the North Pole.

This December you and your child can meet Santa’s Postman and the Elves and visit Santa in his secret grotto hidden in the GPO Courtyard.

During your visit you’ll find out all about the ClausOptic Cable which has never been seen by anyone other than Santa and his Elves.

It’s responsible for sending the letters from every child in Ireland straight to The North Pole.

My six-year-old is already working on his letter to Santa and is constantly asking me about where Santa lives and how soon we should post his letter.

He would definitely be interested in finding out the ClausOptic Cable and the adventure that his letter goes on to make it all the way to Santa’s doorstep.

Ticket prices are €16 for a child including babies and €8 for adults with an optional Santa official photograph available on the day for €10.