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08th Dec 2022

Your child can now get paid to test out toys for Christmas

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What a job!

As Christmas is only around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents and toys (that’s if it isn’t all you’ve thought about already).

Well there is some interesting news, your child can now get paid to test out toys… yes, really.

Personalised baby brand My 1st Years is hiring for their first ever group of Santa’s Little Helpers, or professional toy testers as they’re also known.

It can be hard as a parent to know exactly what our kids want from Santa, especially when something new comes out every week and their little minds are constantly changing.

My 1st Years are hoping to take that stress away, or at least ease it, by hiring some little toy testers to let parents know exactly what to pop in the stockings this year.

The company will be hiring three very special Santa’s Little Helpers to give them a hand, and of course will be coming along with a responsible parent or guardian. They will be asked to review and give feedback on some of their best selling products of the year and in return for their expertise, each helper will receive up to £150 worth of My 1st Years toys, selected especially for their age range.

This is every child’s dream job and is open to children aged 0-6 years but applications will need to be made by parents. The only issue is that it’s only open to those in the UK, so our Northern Irish readers, this is for you.

Applicants can submit their interest via this link and must state why their child would be the best one for the job and why they deserve it.

Applications close on Sunday 11th December 2022, so better be quick!