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01st Jul 2016

What To Do If You (Or Your Child) Drop Your Mobile Phone in Water


It happens to the best of us… you are trying to talk to Himself on the phone while washing the dishes and getting the kids fed, only to find your mobile swimming with the pots and pans a couple of seconds later.

Alternatively, you agree to let your little one get their hands on your phone during a day out and it ends up in a puddle, or a pond, or the sea, or the swimming pool, or a toilet – the list goes on!

The point is that chances are your phone has ended up in water and you never really know what the best plan of action is when that happens. But worry not, Buzzfeed has the answer.

Apparently the best thing is to get the phone out immediately. If the device is powered off, leave it that way until it completely dries out. This takes approximately two days.


If the device is on, you should attempt to turn it off. It is risky but if you try activating the screen or a message comes in, this could lead to the phone being short-circuited.

Remove the cover (if applicable) and shake it to remove excess water from the ports. Dry off any visible drops of liquid and cover the phone with silica gel packets or rice to soak up moisture.

And yes it does sound like quite a lot of work but if it saves you having to purchase a new phone, does it matter?