Children ask an average of 73 questions a day – so it's no wonder we feel tired 2 months ago

Children ask an average of 73 questions a day – so it's no wonder we feel tired

Why did the man walk on the red light, mummy? What does that mean? How come Andrew is getting a brother? Why did Peter's (his cousin) goldfish die? Where did he go? How many sleeps until granny gets here? Why is Santa so happy all the time?

These are just a selection of questions my little boy asked on the way to school today.

Just like that, in one walk, he had so many questions about so many topics, and often, I find myself completely unable to answer them all – both because there are so many of them, but also because some of the questions are just too flipping hard.

And I am not alone.

Children ask an average of 73 questions a day

According to a new study, young children ask – on average – a staggering 73 questions a day – and it seems many of us are struggling to answer these.

And in the modern times we are living in, many of us are turning to Google for help.

The UK study also revealed children’s inquisitive nature peaks at four-years-old for both boys and girls, and that this leaves as many as four out of ten parents of four-year-olds feeling totally overwhelmed with the constant onslaught of questions. And in fairness, with questioning beginning as early as 6 am and not letting up until bedtime, what this means, is that the majority of us face a total of 14 hours of questioning – every single day.


And you're wondering why you are feeling a little tired, mum?

To help parents deal with some of their children’s more challenging questions, Tots Town at Argos teamed up with child psychologist Dr. Sam Wass - and co-created a series of videos that address these topics with the help of Tots Town; a range of playsets that helps with developmental play.

“As children grow up it’s natural to be curious about the world around them. As parents it’s easy to forget just how much of our children’s knowledge comes from what we tell them. But it can be tough to address the trickier topics - such as money and bedtime,” Dr. Wass said.

“Using educational and visual aids such as toys can help to soften the difficulty of broaching trickier subjects. Expressing complex thoughts and ideas through familiar items can often help children’s understanding.”

Jackie Donnelly, Brand Manager, Tots Town at Argos, added: “Toys allow children to grow their imagination and play an important part in childhood development. Tots Town playsets are perfect for educational play and are a fantastic means for children to learn and grow in a creative and fun way.”

Are YOU overwhelmed with the questions your kids ask you on a daily basis?