Chrissy Teigen just asked Twitter to share stories of kids being mean 5 years ago

Chrissy Teigen just asked Twitter to share stories of kids being mean

We hear you, Chrissy.

As a parent, your life revolves around feeding, cleaning and running around after little people. But if you thought you'd ever get any gratitude for it, you'd be wrong.

Things take a real turn after about a year, when they start to talk.

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Chrissy Teigen, celeb mum and all-round legend, appears to be going through a rough patch with 17-month-old daughter Luna.

She asked her Twitter followers yesterday to share their stories of their children being mean and boy, did they deliver.
Anyone who has ever raised, worked with or just been in the presence of small children will know how cutting they can be, so these replies to Chrissy's request are a reminder that as parents, we're not alone.
"Last week, my 20 month old offered me a bite of her food. As I went to accept it, she snatched it back & ate it. When I made a sad face she lifted her tiny pudgy fists to her eyes and slowly rotated them while saying 'wah was wah' at me."
"My preschooler found my wedding picture. 'Oh, look at daddy! So handsome!' 'Who is with daddy?' 'A person.'
'That's your mommy!' Looks me up and down. 'No. That's a pretty person.'
"After rotten long flight from Germany, Dylan saw store whose sign was a 3D car coming out the wall, and said, 'I hope it hits you.'"
"My 4 year old son asked me why I was putting on makeup and I said 'To make me look pretty.' He replied 'I don't think it's working.'"
"My 13 month old says 'dada' but every time I ask 'can you say mama?' she looks me in the eyes, says 'no' very clearly and then laughs."

"I hugged my 3 year old and she was like did you like that hug?' And I said yes and she said 'I am never hugging you again.' And walked away."
"I asked my 6year old son if he'll visit me when I'm old. He told me to get a Life Alert bracelet instead."
"I'm not a mom, I'm a nanny. But the 7 yr old I babysit just told me 'when I'm your age, Sophie, you'll be dead'."
"My four year old recently shouted at me 'I hope you get a sunburn'."
"My baby cousin tells my mom 'hey big man' every time he sees her."
"My daughter tells me every day that Dad is her favourite mom."
"I brought my twins to work because of a weird school holiday & when I was talking to my boss, my son lifted my skirt to show him my business."
"My daughter at 8 yrs, mad at me, in back seat of car, wrote on a paper "HELP ME please" and posted on window of car for passing cars to see."