Chrissy Teigen just shut down mum shamers in the most Chrissy Teigen way ever 1 month ago

Chrissy Teigen just shut down mum shamers in the most Chrissy Teigen way ever

"Wait until they find out we take baths together."

If you are a mum of young children, you will no doubt be aware of just how little privacy parents – especially mums – get. I mean; can you even remember the last time you took a shower without an audience...? Or peed undisturbed? Or Lord forbid, tried to shave your legs and apply fake tan? You name it, mums do it with a crowd present. And we just don't have the time, nor the energy, to worry about it either.

The same goes for Chrissy Teigen, who herself is the mum of two little ones.

Earlier this week, Teigen, 35, took to Instagram to share a picture of herself trying to pose for a sexy snap – when her two-year-old, Miles, gatecrashed the photo. As toddlers do, of course.

Teigen's self-deprecating caption referenced her foiled attempt to take a sexy photo in just her underwear: "Please move, Mommy is trying to be thirsty."


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For most of us mums, I am sure we just giggled at just how relatable this image is – I mean; it IS hard to do anything when you have got toddlers in your house, no?

However, many mum shamers, of course, saw it as their chance to disapprove of Teigen's state of undress around her child.


"WTF ... am I the only one cringing?" read one comment.

"Please tell me that this isn't real," another commenter wrote.

"SMH. It's one thing for your child to accidentally run into the room while you are changing but to pose and post for the world to see is ridiculous," an upset follower chided Teigen. "I swear they don't try to hide it anymore."

"Sorry I love ya. But this is inappropriate," read another comment, while one critic wrote, "Poor John Legend ... Never in a million years [did I think] he would end up with someone with absolutely no class."

I mean; is it just me, or isn't it perfectly normal to be undressed around your toddlers?! I know it is in my house. I mean; why the heck should you try to hide your body from a child, making them feel like it is something shameful?

Luckily, other followers were quick to come to Teigen's defence.

"There are a whole lotta people on here who clearly have never tried to get ready for a formal event while being the mother of a toddler," read one comment.

"Clearly the people cringing don't have kids ... and if you do then I don't understand how you manage to get dressed alone? Or take a piss?? A bath???!" a fellow mom wrote in. "Whatever you're doing let me know because my kids are superglued wherever I am!"

"I think this is beautiful. If we don't teach little boys that women's bodies are shameful, then they won't grow up to think that they are," read another positive comment. "Love how open you are with your parenting style/moments!!!"

"Thanks for normalizing daily motherhood!" another mom told Teigen.

Chrissy herself, of course, known for not backing down when it comes to dealing with mum shamers, replied to some of the comments, making it very clear what she thought of her critics. And hilariously pointed out:

"Wait til [they] find out we take baths together!"

Team Chrissy – all the way!