Chrissy Teigen made the cutest momento to make preschool easier for Luna 4 years ago

Chrissy Teigen made the cutest momento to make preschool easier for Luna

Fans are LOVING it.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter is celebrating another big moment this year.

The toddler, who turned 2 in April this year, became a big sister to now-3-month-old brother, Miles, in May - and now she's starting school.

Her mum shared an oh-so-adorable photo of the toddler's first week of preschool, which melted the hearts of fans.

Teigen's photo showed Luna standing outside on a sunny day, clutching a mini-family photo album - which reads Luna on the cover - in her hands.

She captured the image:

"First week of school.

"They had us make a little family photo album she can look at when she’s sad or upset. She loves it.

"My heart ksosksodododosksidojsjskodmskzh."


Many called the idea of the photo album "the cutest idea", while others lamented the fact that "time goes by so fast" - and that they couldn't believe Luna was already in school.

And fellow celeb mama-of-two, Mariah Carey, even weighed in on the photo, calling it "so cute".

It's not the only post that the cookbook author shared of Luna's first day at school.

Later on, she added a video where she was asking Luna what she had done at preschool that day.

Her mum asked her what she had done that day, to which Luna initially replied: "I fell down on my forehead."

Chrissy corrected her daughter, reminding her that "no, that was in Bali", before asking what she had done that day.

Eventually, she got Luna to admit, "I pushed a boy" - to which her mum replied, "you did."