Chrissy Teigen Takes On Mummy Shamers And Wins The Internet 6 years ago

Chrissy Teigen Takes On Mummy Shamers And Wins The Internet

Is there anything more annoying than someone who is not your child's parent telling you how to parent your child?

We think not.

Neither did Chrissy Teigen when a Twitter user called our the model mama for – get this – holding her baby incorrectly.

Teigen did – unsurprisingly – not take too kindly to strangers who thought it is their prerogative to raise baby Luna through social media.

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“This is not how a baby is held!!!!” the Twitter follower wrote to Teigen alongside a recent photo of the famous family in New York.

“Really because that’s how I’m fucking holding her,” Teigen wrote back, explaining why it’s often unfair to make an assumption from one image.


Teigen has set her Twitter account to private, but screenshots from the conversation were quickly shared online. And the 31-year-old model mama followed up with another tweet:

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“Photos are literally split-seconds moments in time that evolve. I despise mommy shamers. I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers,” she continued.

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John Legend's wife is not new new to the mummy shame game. In the past, she’s been called out from everything to bouncing back after giving birth to enjoying dinner out with her husband a few days after her daughter was born.

“I knew mommy shaming was a thing, but I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner,” Teigen told PEOPLE in May.

Let's all just live and let live, shall we, mamas?